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If you are a foreign investor, is it required to open a bank account to transfer capital requirements?

The investor can deposit money in any local bank and get deposit certificate without opening a bank account.

Is it possible for foreign investors to invest in local Saudi schools?

No, investment in local Saudi schools is not included in foreign investment

I am a foreign investor and I want to start engineering consulting activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, what is the concerned authority for this kind of activity?

Check out permits issuance proceedings in the Ministry of Trade and Industry

I want to start investing in Saudi Arabia in education and training sector?

You can invest in foreign education, under certain condition that is the Ministry of Education primary approval. As for Investment in local education, it is limited only to the Saudis.

What are the investment opportunities in all economic sectors available for foreign investors?

The law allows foreign investors to invest capital in any activities in Kingdom with the exception of the activities excluded from foreign investment

I have a project, can I enlist it as a subscription company?

You can establish a public shareholding company where the number of founders should not be less than five at least, determining the ratio of the public offerings, according to the shareholding company regulation issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry

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