Electronic services cover 98% of justice and judiciary facilities


The Ministry of Justice has covered 98 percent of its justice and judiciary facilities with electronic services in the Kingdom, according to data released by the ministry.

The step will facilitate services to the beneficiaries, save time, speed up litigation procedures and shorten judiciary documentation measures, the ministry said.

The step will further allow beneficiaries to have easy access to their documents and transactions at the Ministry of Justice, speed up enforcement of rulings and strengthen the credibility of data and information.

The number of judiciary and justice facilities covered by electronic systems stood at 1,037, including 553 courts and 484 notaries in all parts of the Kingdom, a report issued by the ministry said.

Dr. Salih Al-Miqrin, the ministry's assistant undersecretary for Information Technology, said the ministry has activated the electronic courts system in all courts that track the movement of cases from the time of
arrival until their closure.

He said the electronic courts system can electronically activate the issuance of deeds and support the electronic network in all court offices and, additionally, will allow tracking the production rates issued by
each court.

The Ministry of Justice has developed a real estate tracking system which records and documents real estate movement, its indexes, clearance orders, and sales in each region and city, he said.

He said the activation of the system would ensure avoidance of duplicity in the issuance of deeds, and their unification in a single electronic network in a manner that will speed up the documentation process in
all real estate indexes in certain time frames.

The ministry has also developed a system of e-powers of attorney, which will allow beneficiaries to enter their powers of attorney through the ministry’s e-portal, he said.

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