A Glimpse into a Better Future


There is nothing on the horizon brighter than the future of information technology (IT), particularly in an era in which western countries exceeded time limits, working in a constant quest to develop and enhance their economic potentials.

In our tendency toward development and growth, we need to keep pace with the modern technologies achieved by these countries by developing a well-structured infrastructure that enable us to turn everything into electronic. Then, we can exceed the time limits, catch up these countries, the masters of technologies and the world's top and best technology ranking countries, and leap to the second places at least.

Informatics retraction in Arab countries is a serious indicator that we have to consider and work out to find solutions. The low costs of information technology transmission encourages investors to adopt this concept and raise awareness about it, yet the most important this here is to create a qualified cadres of thinkers to come up with innovative ideas that would introduce our nation to the world.

Unfortunately, the development of cadres are unequally associated with the progress of certain regulations. This would restrain the advancement and innovation of those innovators. Perhaps, this is the reason that led to this retraction.

It is a glimpse into a promising future that we should not left-over!

As the Jeddah Chamber is aware of the topmost importance of information nowadays, we develop Jeddah Economic Gateway (JEG), a website which aims to serve the business community through a number specialized contents and services. We also offer many value-added services to our members through our new well- developed website to interact with Jeddah business community and around more than 1000 members. The Jeddah Chamber website with creative design is one of the most modern websites in the Kingdom that meets the needs of Jeddah economic community generally and the chamber members particularly. Users can find the latest news, activities, and recommendations of the chamber different centers and committees. They also can find latest reports and business issues related to the commercial capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah City.

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