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National tourism comes to be a key economic driver of national economy development for its social importance in parallel with its economic weight. Socially, It is connected to the society cohesion. Economically, it offers various recreational events and activities that boost and promote the city vital sectors services like trade, hotel and services sectors.

The Jeddah Chamber strives for excellence, applying its collective experience and employing its potentials to deliver the best events and festivals. The chamber’s most prominent festivals are the Jeddah summer festival “ Jeddah Ghair” and the Jeddah shopping festival “Hayya Jeddah.”

The Jeddah chamber realized at the first place the importance of tourism industry and started planning the festivals, taking into consideration the Jeddah City potentials to antecedently operate all its facilities in a way highlights its historical position as a pioneer in excellence. Almost all sectors take part in the preparations of the festivals to deliver various economic, social, educational and sport activities.

Jeddah Economic Forum (JEF) takes a proactive interest, raising many economic significant issues being brought up in the world arena. In each session, the JEF carries out its enriching experience to add value to the economic arena. In fact, JED succeeded in achieving the expectation and objectives for which it has been found. It becomes a remarkable workshop where ideas and experience are shared for the global and local benefit.

The JEF 2013 discussed "Housing the Growing Population." Many international economists and experts participated in the forum sessions to provide solutions and suggestions for providing housing with reasonable prices and engage the public and private sector to discuss the demand for housing and the opportunities for real estate investors. The forum also discussed the foundation of the world dynamic competitive cities, the economic performance of the region’s cities and best solutions for delivering housing, reorganization of existing cities and many economic issues.

Adnan bin Hussein Mandura
Tourism and Antiquities
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